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With 18 years experience in the industry, Ralph knows hair. Starting his career with Biba, Ralph quickly realised that his passion ran deeper than simply cutting hair. On top of achieving the desired look, Ralph wanted to create an experience for his clients; a service that surpassed all others in the industry by making each client feel their very best. Ralph's knowledge, warmth and style has kept customers coming back. 



What his clients say...

"I'm yet to find a hairdresser that matches Ralph's skills and passion, he is the real deal" - Chloe, client for 4 years. 

"Ralph Hair is the true essence of a boutique salon, offering a personalised service that refects Ralph's committment to his craft" - Elizabeth, client for 12 years. 

"I leave the salon with a better version of whatI asked for" - Sarah, client for 9 years. 

"In a city of pretentious salons it's reassuring to know that what you see is what you get with Ralph" - Billy, client for 15 years. 

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